Author: Ryan Maule

  • I No Longer Need A Walker!

    “Tina” came to us as a “last hope”. Here she was, 30 years old, on a walker, and even then hardly able to move herself around. When she moved the pain in her lower back and hips was excruciating!  This all started after the birth of her first child. It seems the Doctor wasn’t ready […]

  • No More Pain At Work!

    About a month ago, a friend and patient of ours referred in his neighbor. He was in such pain, that he had been off of work for two weeks, and the only position he could be in without any pain was laying on his stomach. This obviously worked great for chiropractic! After 3 treatments, he […]

  • My Knee Pain Is Gone!

    We had a man in his mid 40’s come in for treatment of a severe upper neck problem. During the history he mentioned that he had suffered from severe pain in both knees since he was a teenager. He worked much overtime at a manual job and had to ice his knees 2-3 times per […]

  • Experiencing The Fountain Of Youth!

    We had a young, 84 year old woman who had severe spinal stenosis from her sacrum to her head, that was referred by her Medical Doctor. She had been to our office before, but was referred back to us after her MD said that there was nothing more that he could help her with and […]

  • I No Longer Need Surgery!

    A patient suffering from debilitating lower back pain for the past three months, self-employed HVAC man unable to work a full day at work and therefore unable to bring in enough income, had been treating his pain with the standard prescriptions of muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatories, and pain medicine. With no substantial relief from medications he […]

  • Chiropractic Saved My Daughter’s Life!

    Last year we had a 17 year old patient who was an honor role student and a dancer who presented as a patient with moderate scoliosis, sciatica, unexplained left arm swelling, severe headaches and a problem with a fainting for over a year.  Through the course of a year she had been to a cardiologist, […]

  • Child Saved From Torticollis!

    My little family of three have been chiropractic patients for over 6 months now. Chiropractic has helped my husband with his back pain that is caused by a herniated disc. Helped me with my neck and lower back pain that comes from toting around a toddler all day. However, the things it has done for […]

  • I’m Now A Better Bowler!

    We have been treating a woman who fell and had lower back pain.  The patient is on a bowling team where pretty much all other players are chiropractic patients and they all told her to come and see our office even though she was very hesitant.  Now that she has been receiving chiropractic treatment her […]

  • No More Tummy Troubles!

    Last week, a pediatrician referred a 14 month old little boy in for an evaluation. He has been diagnosed with “failure to thrive–unknown etiology”.  He had no appetite and cried all the time, and the mom said he never slept through the night.  The boy has a twin sister—perfectly healthy, but he only weighed 16 […]

  • No Longer Needs Anti-Depressants!

    We had a 22 year old female patient come in 2 months ago with a history of sinus infections, sinus headaches,  and depression.  To help with er symptoms she was resulting to the daily use of anti-depressants and sinus medication for more than a year.  She also reported experiencing lower than normal energy.  Now, after […]